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VOA is the eighth solo studio album by Sammy Hagar.

It is an acronym for Voice of America.

It is the last Sammy Hagar solo album with then future Boston guitarist Gary Pihl.

It is the first Sammy Hagar solo album with then future REO Speedwagon keyboardist Jesse Harms.

Reportedly, Sammy Hagar and his backing band at the time started working on a follow up to VOA, but this was cancelled because of Sammy Hagar joining Van Halen. Gary Pihl joined Boston soon after.


  1. I Can't Drive 55
  2. Swept Away
  3. Rock Is in My Blood
  4. Two Sides of Love
  5. Dick in the Dirt
  6. VOA
  7. Don't Make Me Wait
  8. Burning Down the City



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